Handmade 100% Cotton Face Mask with filter pocket.


Our masks are adapted from the famous Olson face mask with an innovative filter pocket to add filter media to enhance the filtration of harmful particles from the air. They are made from 100% cotton. Washable and reusable. The masks are a safe and effective way at filtering out harmful particulate matter such as pollution, dust, pollen from the air down to 1-2.5 microns.


Our one size fits all gives all round face coverage and hugs the contours of your nose, cheek and chin to make a strong effective seal to help enhance filtration.


  • Adjustable aluminium nose bridge molds to your face for extra comfort and improvement in the filtration seal.  
  • Fitted with adjustable elastic that can be customised to go over the ear or be tied around the back of the head for all day use and comfort.
  • 100% soft cotton which can be washed at 60+ degrees for clean and safe sterilization from bacteria and viruses.


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Handmade 100% Cotton Face Mask with no filters