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Thank you for volunteering to make Face Masks for Key workers.


However if you wish to learn about how to make your own masks then see below..

Please a note of warning: 

We are fully aware of the debate regarding the effectiveness of face masks in preventing the wearer contracting the virus but the argument is that it is an effective way by which the wearer can help limit their own spread of the virus onto other people. We still advocate first and foremost the government’s own advice on washing hands and social distancing as good positive ways to prevent the spread of the virus. But we have tried to do as much research on this matter and although there are numerous designs out there we have followed those that has been chosen by hospital and medical staff as the most effective mask we can make that may help bridge the gap between supply and demand. These masks are no way intended to be used by front line medical professionals or clinicians and are not meant as replacements for N95 masks. We are merely filling a gap in supply for other key workers to provide added personal protection in this time of a national emergency need.

We have followed the science and have taken the view of choosing this particular Olson Mask design as it is one of the few that has passed the US OHSA FIT test (with a few modifications) for hospital use. We do not advocate that it should be used for this purpose but we wanted to make one that has the highest level of protection possible. We have sourced PM2.5 filters that fit inside our face mask - these filters have been shown to remove airborne particles down to 2.5 microns. The corona virus is 0.1 micron so it will never stop the spread – but most virus transmission occurs from the touching the virus on hands and then entering the nose, mouth or face.  Disposable surgical masks worn by hospital staff is made of a 3 ply material filter, whereas ours has a 5 layered plus carbon filter. We have designed our masks to be reusable and washable with the filters being replaceable. We hope the fact that the masks are washable and reusable to help alleviate shortages nationally for non-medical key workers.

Thank you from all at Starlings Art & Craft Collective.




How to make the Starlings Olson mask.







Download and print out the instructions and patterns above. Then watch our instructional video above to accompany these instructions.

Background info about why we chose this mask. Please go to this Medical research hospital website where they request sewers to make these masks. There are answers and questions about the masks as well as the patterns for the Olson Mask design. 

The Sewing Makers pack will have all the materials you need to make you mask. there will be patterns inside the pack but you can download them from the links and instructions video above. Wash all materials beforehand to help reduce issues of cross contamination and also wash your hands before and after making these masks. We would advise you to read the instructions and watch the videos so you are familiar with the designs. We also ask you to try and make one yourself too before you get the packs. On average it will take between 15-20mins to make one mask. Instructions on your safety and infection/cross contamination control will be emailed to you as part of this process. 

Please can you fill in all the information below and tell us how many packs you would like to collect and how soon you can return them to us. We will then fit the filters in place ready for deployment. The need is for us to urgently make them and send them out to key workers. Please be realistic about your commitments as we would prefer you only take away what you can complete - we will provide more if you finish it early. We do not want people to sit on packs that are then not being made. 

Thank you for your generosity in offering to help us with this campaign.

Starlings Art & Craft Collective.


If you also wish to donate to help us get more supply of materials then you can also donate at our GoFundMe page.

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