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UNICA COSMETICS - BORN FREE - BERGAMOT & LAVENDER - 100% Natural Non Crystal Deodorant


BORN FREE - 100% Natural Non Crystal Deodorant - Truly Paraben & Aluminium Free

If you have been using Crystal deodorants looking to avoid aluminium, they might not be your best choice, as you might not be aware that they do contain aluminium. Aluminium is widely recognized as a neurotoxin, which has been found in increased concentrations in the brains of people with Alzheimer’s disease. A 2006 study found that aluminium salts can mimic the hormone estrogen, and chemicals that imitate that hormone are known to increase breast cancer risk. Animal studies have also found that aluminium can cause cancer. In a 2007 study published in the Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry, researchers tested breast samples from 17 breast-cancer patients who had undergone mastectomies. The women who used antiperspirants had deposits of aluminium in their outer breast tissue. Concentrations of aluminium were higher in the tissue closest to the underarm than in the central breast. Aluminium is not normally found in the human body, so this study was a clear indication that the metal was being absorbed from antiperspirant sprays and roll-ons. While Manufacturers claim Crystal deodorant to be aluminium-free, they are referring to aluminium chlorohydrate, aluminium chloride, aluminium hydroxybromide or aluminium zirconium. The aluminium in crystal deodorant stones is a different type of compound known as an alum, the most common form being potassium alum, also known as potassium aluminium sulfate. What the suppliers of crystal deodorants are actually selling is the most absorbable form of aluminiuim  you can put on your skin. The manufactures also claim that Potassium Alum or Ammonium Alum are natural mineral salts made up of molecules that are too large to be absorbed by your skin. But at Unica we want to play safe, because we believe that there is no such a thing as a 'safe aluminium. Unica Born Free deodorant is 100% Natural & 100% Safe, truly Paraben & Aluminium free. Made with Coconut oil for its moisturizing & antibacterial properties, Kokum butter for its excellent emollient and soothing action, Bicarbonate of soda, Arrowroot and Oat powder for their moisture-absorbing and anti-inflammatory properties and Calendula for its regenerating and antibacterial action. Born Free is naturally scented with essential oils. Born Free is your daily Natural Confidence packaged in a practical twist up stick. It's Natural, it's Safe and it Works!

Available in Clove & Tea tree and Bergamot & Lavender.

30g- Twist-up Stick.

USE: Apply sparingly to freshly washed and dried skin and massage into skin. It does not stain and light marks on clothing are easily removed.

IMPORTANT: Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight because Born Free is a temperature-sensitive product.


The greatest deodorant is Nature.


Bottle Size - 30g, 72x35x35mm


SKU: 04SV-DS-BL1-030
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