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Face Mask User Information

Our handmade 100% Cotton Face Mask came about from our Make 1000 Face Masks Campaign April 2020 for non-medical key workers.  In doing our research we made the safest design possible, and that when tested in US hospitals passed their OHSA Fit test. It is made of 100% cotton with a 5 layer PM2.5 filter media and an adjustable nose bridge. It is washable and reusable. We have also made 3 different sizes for better comfort and fit. Please read carefully our disclaimer regarding the purchase and use of these masks.
DISCLAIMER: The use of our 100% cotton face mask is specifically designed to help limit the wearer from spreading airborne virus particles – it does not guarantee you from contracting viruses. All wearers do so with the understanding they do so at their own risk. Although wearing cloth masks will give you added protection by filtering out harmful particles from the air, please do not be lulled into a false sense of security and always follow the governmental guidelines of washing hands and observing social distances.

P&P is £1.95 First Class Royal Mail. We aim to ship within 1 business day.


We also offer free Click and Collect from our Bexhill-on-sea shop.

We make 3 different size masks - Child, Medium adult, Large adult. Here is a handy guide on how to choose the right size mask for your face.

How to use your face mask safely and effectively

A face mask is only as good as the filter material and the seal it makes around your face. A single layer 100% 120 thread cotton face mask can filter out up to 90% of particulate matter down to 1 micron. Our masks by their design contain at least two layers of cotton for improved filtration. With the filter pocket design you can add addition protection with filter media to improve the filtration efficiency. Our standard PM 2.5 filters contains 5 layers of filtering down to 2.5 microns with a layer of activated carbon filtration for removing gaseous vapours as well as particles. So these masks are not only useful for virus transmission control they are also good at filtering out air pollution, pollen, dust and harmful chemicals. Please note that although most bacteria (0.3-1 microns) and viruses (0.1-.0.4 microns) are smaller than our filter efficiency rating, they actually travel on the back of larger particles such as water droplets or dust (2.5 microns and above). EU certifiable disposal surgical mask (EN 14683) only filters out particulate matter down to 3 microns. All our masks have an aluminium nose bridge to improve the seal and create comfort for the wearer. It also does not rust and can be washed at high temperature to kill harmful bacteria and viruses.


Please download and print out the instructions on how to use your mask. Watch our two videos on how to put it on and safely take it off plus how to main good practices for wearing the mask and for sterilizing the mask. All the research links are available within the Youtube video but they are also included in the information section below. You need to fully test wearing the mask before use, to make sure it fits as well as breathe comfortably when using it. If you struggle for breath at anytime we advise you to refrain from using the mask.

How to use your mask

How to sterilize your mask and other good practices

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